AppleTV & Roku 4K EDID


The standard EDID on a 3G Just Add Power Transmitter does not currently display AppleTV/Roku at their native resolution settings. In order to allow an AppleTV/Roku to output 4K video, a special EDID must be applied.

  1. Connect the Transmitter to the AppleTV/Roku and power on both devices.
  2. Log into the web interface of the Transmitter connected to the AppleTV/Roku.
  3. Go to the System --> Utilities section, select the Default HDMI EDID, and click Apply. Then power-cycle the Transmitter (click the Reboot button).
  4. Once the Transmitter reboots, telnet into it. The '/usr/local/bin/#' prompt means you're in the right place.
  5. Paste the command below into the telnet window and hit enter:
echo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| sed 's/../0x\0 /g' | sed 's/ /,/g' > /sys/devices/platform/videoip/eeprom_content
  1. Go into the AppleTV/Roku Display menu and select 4K30 or Autoselect for resolution.
  2. You may need to power-cycle the AppleTV/Roku in order for the new EDID to properly report to the Roku.

UPDATE: As of 2017-10-24, Roku no longer supports 4K30/HDR playback through some of its apps such as Netflix and Amazon. In order to achieve 4K playback (both HDR and SDR), the Roku must see an EDID capable of handling 4K60. There are currently two approaches to cope with this change:

  1. Restore the default EDID on the Transmitter through the web interface to re-enable 4K60 in the EDID. Do NOT select the "4K60/HDR" option in the Roku resolution menu, as this will result in "no video" thru the Just Add Power system. Instead select the basic "4K60" option. This will allow for UltraHD non-HDR playback thru the supported apps.
  2. Use an AppleTV 4K instead and select the "4K30/HDR" resolution setting. AppleTV 4K does not face the limitation with 4K playback that Roku states is inherent in the "apps" like Netflix and Amazon.

Updated 2018-04-03

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