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How-To: IR Dongle v1


The IR Dongle V1 - Flux Capacitor V1 - adds IR support to the Just Add Power 2G and 3G product lines by converting the serial port into an IR blaster. Pronto and Global Cache IR code formats are both supported.

  • Baudrate is 9600-8n1
  • No RS232 feedback (simulated feedback from shell script only)
  • No Power-LED indicator
  • No LED Response on successful command
  • Support for commands formatted as:
    • Pronto IR
    • Global Cache IR (GC)

If the IR Dongle has 'V2' printed on it, please see the article for IR Dongle V2

Included Wiring

The IR Dongle V1 ships with 4 cables:

  1. IR Emitter (3V, 0.1A)
  2. 3.5mm-to-3.5mm stereo plug
  3. USB Type A to Micro USB cable
  4. Y-shaped USB power tap

IR Dongle Connections


2G devices must be on firmware A5.3.1 FC+4+ or later

3G devices must be on justOS firmware B1.2.1 or later

Null Modem Jumper Position

The RS232 port on the Just Add Power device has a null modem jumper on the bottom that determines the transmit/receive pin position of the RS232 port. Only one position is correct when using an IR dongle.

505POE/508POE/705POE/707POE/708POE Jumper Position

For baseline 3G devices, the null modem position is bottom.

515POE/518AVP Jumper Position

For 3G+ Receivers, the null modem position is bottom.

715POE/718AVP Jumper Position

For 3G standard units, the null modem position is left.

717HIFI Jumper Position

For 3G standard units, the null modem position is left.


  1. Enable Layer 3 access to Just Add Power devices
  2. Set the Null Modem Jumper in the crossover position. The positioning varies by device.
  3. Set the Serial over IP mode in the web interface and Apply
    • For Ax.x.x firmware, set to Type 3 - CLI Access with Baudrate 9600, Data bits 8, Parity None, Stop bits 1
    • For Bx.x.x firmware, set to Flux IR Dongle (v1)
  4. Reboot the unit


Please see documentation for the Control System being used.

IR Dongle V1 supports Pronto and Global Cache formats

Telnet to the IP address of the device at port 4998 and send the IR commands followed by a carriage-return (\r below)

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