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JADConfig is a Windows-only software that will configure select Cisco and Luxul switches and connected Just Add Power devices.

As of v5.0.0, JADConfig will auto-update when a new version is available.

Current Version


We have had to roll back because of ongoing issues with Cisco switches in v5.2.4. Thank you for you patience as we resolve this.

Supported Switches


  • AMS-1208P
  • AMS-1816P
  • AMS-2600
  • AMS-2616P
  • AMS-2624P
  • AMS-4424P
  • XMS-1208P
  • XMS-2624P
  • XMS-5248P
  • XMS-7048P


  • SG300
  • SG350
  • SG500
  • SG500X
  • SG550X

Current Firmware

3G - B1.2.1

Hybrid (2G & 3G) - A6.5.5

2G - A5.3.1

Recent Changes

Added support for 767DSS - Dante® Sound System Transmitter

Added Switches

  • Luxul AMS-1816P
  • Luxul XMS-1208P

Known Issues

  1. CIDR subnet masks do not work for Advanced System Setup
    • The program only processes overall subnet masks of /8, /16, and /24. Any subnet mask between those gets rounded up.
    • There is no workaround through JADConfig at the moment. If a user wants a subnet mask different than those, they will have to manually configure all devices and most likely VLAN 10 as well. Contact support if this is needed and we will assist.
    • (This issue was discovered in the previous version and has not yet been resolved)


For assistance with running JADConfig or for troubleshooting help, give us a call or Submit a Ticket.

Windows on Mac hardware

We suggest that JADConfig only be run on native Windows hardware to ensure the smoothest configuration process.
We have experienced issues with virtual machines and parallels related to properly bridging the network adapter settings from the Mac to the Windows side. Ideally, the Windows adapter should show the exact same settings as the Mac adapter, but that alone does not guarantee success.
Results include: failure to discover units, failure to configure units, failure to firmware update units resulting in damage to the units, and working perfectly fine the whole way through.
Because of the nature of Mac hardware updates, success one time does not guarantee success at all times.

Legacy Version (v3.x.x)

JADConfig v3.x.x can be uninstalled without affecting v5.x.x

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  • 20-Aug-2019