Choosing the Right Switch

When planning an install, one of the most important decisions is the managed gigabit Ethernet switch that is the center of the Just Add Power HDMI over IP system.

Just Add Power supports 2 switch manufacturers with JADConfig and drivers: Luxul and Cisco. JADConfig will fully configure the switches listed below:


Luxul Switch Ports On Max Devices PoE Ports Stacking,Bandwidth Ports per Stack Unit
AMS-1208P Rear 11 7 No N/A
AMS-2600 Rear 25 0 No N/A
AMS-2616P Rear 25 16 No N/A
AMS-2624P Rear 25 23 No N/A
XMS-2624P Front 25 23 No N/A
XMS-5248P Front 49 47 No N/A
AMS-4424P Rear 368* 368 Yes, 10Gb* 23
XMS-7048P Front 752* 752 Yes, 10Gb* 47


Cisco Switch Ports On Maximum Devices PoE Ports Stacking,Bandwidth Ports per Stack Unit
SG300 Front 51 47 No N/A
SG500 Front 392* 376 Yes, 5Gb* 47
SG500X Front 376* 376 Yes, 10Gb* 47

*If the Right Switch is a stacking model, please see the Stackable Switch Considerations article for stacking cable recommendations and bandwidth guidelines for stacking.