3G EDID Management

The PDF attached to this Knowledge Base article provides step-by-step instructions on how to capture an EDID from a 3G Receiver connected your desired HDMI display to be saved onto your 3G Transmitters.

Note: In addition to the procedure outlined in the PDF, you may also need to apply the following commands to the Transmitter via TELNET or the Web API to ensure an exact pass-thru of the complete EDID upon capture:

astparam s remote_edid_patch 00000001;astparam save;reboot

The default EDIDs that come on the 3G Transmitters cover a range of resolutions and audio formats that are widely supported. There may be some instances where the default EDID on the Transmitters does not produce the expected or desired results for a unique system, or for certain special resolutions, color-space options, or audio formats. In those cases, capturing the EDID from your display with the capable settings will produce the desired results.

If you are not able to get a 4K resolution out of your 4K capable source, first ensure that your 3G Transmitters and Receivers are running the latest firmware before attempting the EDID capture process. Updating to the newest firmware can fix the most common resolution related issues.

At any time, the default EDID can be restored through the web interface of each individual Transmitter.

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  • 15-Feb-2018